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Labrador Retrievers: Older Dogs

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our dogs for potential show / breeding stock. I often keep one or two pups from a litter,   to grow up a bit and see how they turn out.  But in order to keep numbers down,  and to be very selective about what is bred,  I cannot keep them all.   So once or twice every year I will have older puppies or young adults available for placement.   I also now place almost all of my girls after they are done breeding.  

These dogs are always fully vaccinated and microchipped,  crate trained and sometimes partially house trained.  They are also well socialized with people, cats, and other dogs.  Good on the leash,  and well mannered.  The cost varies with age,  but if they are young and do not have any health issues, the cost is usually about the same as a baby puppy.  


Dolly- 7 years old,  Black Female,  

Dolly is very healthy, sweet, mellow and well behaved.   She is very special and I am looking for that special retirement home for her !   

Call Laura at 360-978-4742    or 360-731-9017   


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