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Please read the information I have about dachshunds in general and my puppies.   At the bottom of this page is puppy availability.   I try to keep this current,  but they go fast so just call if you are interested in a puppy !   Thank you.   

We are actively breeding and loving our longhair dachshunds.  They are such sweet, smart, fun dogs !   We have litters spaced throughout the year,  and occasionally have an older dog or two available also.  I really emphasize temperament and health in my breeding program. 

I welcome calls anytime about pups or dachshunds in general !  

The best way to contact me about puppies is by cell phone.  I am very busy every day and just don't have time to spend on the computer and email.  Best time to call is 10-5,  weekdays.   But you can leave a message anytime.  and if you don't hear back in a few days please call again !  

Texts are fine for an initial inquiry,  but I will not sell a puppy,  or even put you on the waiting list, by text alone.  So please be prepared to talk to me and let me know about you and your family,  what type of place you have for a dachshund, and what you are looking for.   I love these guys and want the best for them.  

Fenced yards are recommended, but occasional exceptions can be made.   They need exercise and LOVE to play outside !   I also highly recommend medical insurance, because of the very high cost of veterinary care right now, and also to be prepared for back surgery should that situation occur.   I have only had one case of IVDD in my dogs, only one in 8 years,  but we know that the breed is prone to it and I feel like people need to be financially prepared for that situation.  

I do not take deposits until puppies are here and I know what I have.  It is really hard to predict colors until they are born, even knowing the colors of the parents. But I do keep a waiting list of people who are interested in waiting for one of my puppies.  

Puppies are all born in my home,  and stay in the house until they go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.   They are dewormed every 2 weeks,  given first vaccine and a well puppy exam at 6 weeks,  and are microchipped.  A vaccine record is provided,  as well as microchip number, tag, and information on how to register the chip to your own contact information.  Also a small toy from home and a sample of food- Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice puppy food.                              

All of my dogs are registered with AKC,  so all puppies are eligible for AKC registration also. I do not usually provide AKC limited registration for pet puppies for several reasons,  mostly just because very few people ever register their puppies. If you want to register them for some reason,  like competition in AKC sporting or performance events,  then limited registration can be requested.                                                                                                       I do not sell a lot of puppies for breeding, but I will sell breeding quality pups to reputable breeders occasionally.   I am very picky about what I breed, and so am also very picky about what I would sell to others for breeding.  I do test all of my dogs for PRA, ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy ),  and will usually only sell PRA clear dogs for breeding.                                                             Pet puppies will be known to be either PRA clear or carriers,  in either case we know they are not affected and will never go blind from PRA,  which is very common in the miniature dachshund breed. 

Thanks for reading and considering one of our puppies !   Please feel free to call with any other questions. 

CURRENT PUPPIES :                                                                                                                     Litter born 6-12-23,   Josie and Lewis.   Ready to go August 5th.                                                   Still available-  3 piebald males,  one is Brindle and white,  2 are red and white.                                                                                                                                                                        Next puppies are due late July,  ready in September.   We have an all English Cream litter due !   and a chocolate and black litter ;  solids ( black and tan/cream,  Chocolate and tan/ cream, and hopefully some dapples.  


I have several older dogs and puppies to place this summer.  Here is a partial list,  call for more info if you are interested in giving a home to an older dog !  All of them are crate trained and current on vaccines and microchipped.  

Belle - Cream female,  5 years old                                                                                                Shyanne -  Cream female,  2 yrs old                                                                                           

Casey -  Chocolate and cream dapple male,  12 months old.   16 lbs.   He is completely crate trained,  sleeps all night and can easily be left for several hours during the day.  Loves other dogs,  sweet boy that gets along with everyone.   Current on vaccines and microchipped.  

Frankie - Chocolate and Tan dapple male- 8 years old.  Frankie is the sweetest boy,  he had already been retired and re-homed once,  but he got returned so now he is very sad and would really love a home to live out the rest of his years.  Neutered,  vaccinated,  microchipped.                                 

Contact me if you are interested in the puppies,  so I can find out more about you and what you are looking for !   Text is fine initially,  but I do require a phone call before I will send any pictures or further information.   There are SO MANY PUPPY SCAMS going on out there. Be careful !   I talk to at least one person almost every day who has lost money to a scammer.  And I also want to be careful so that I know who I am talking to and where my pictures are going.   Thank you !   

Cell phone is the best way to reach me.  

Laura Steward DVM


360-978-4742. house phone,  usually messages only


[email protected]





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