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 I have always been a  " big dog " person.  My first two childhood dogs were Dalmatians,  and then a Labrador,  and I have had Labrador Retrievers all my life.   But I have definitely found a new love in the dog world-  The Longhair Miniature Dachshund.   They are truly amazing and wonderful dogs.   They are smart,  funny,  loyal,  courageous and hardy,  yet SO loving and cuddly also.   They make us smile and laugh every day,  what more could you ask for ? 

I love the dapples,  as well as the solids,  but the dapples really caught my eye.  I waited for a year or so to get my first Dachshund,  a chocolate and tan dapple female,  Winnie.  She is now with me day and night and is probably the most loyal and loving dog I have ever had the pleasure to know.  

My goal is to produce healthy and beautiful Dachshunds with loving temperaments,  that make their families as happy as ours do.   Right now we have only miniature long hairs.   I recently was lucky enough to get the opportunity to buy a couple of adult doxies that had come from Beachs Kennel in Arkansas.    Bandit- a gorgeous black and tan dapple male that carries cream:

and Truffles- a darling little chocolate and cream female:    (not a great pic of her, she is darling.  I'll work on some new ones ).   

They are both from show lines and will hopefully help us get our little breeding program   going !    

A few of our current dachshunds:    

WINNIE-  Cimarron's Sweet Winifred-  Chocolate and Tan Dapple, female.   ( with her best friend Sandy,  doing the Wilco sale )

 BANDIT- Beach's Silver Bullet-  Black and Tan dapple,  male.




 TRUFFLES- Beach's Chocolate Truffle-  Chocolate and Cream, Female.




BANDIT- Black and Tan Dapple   OFA / ACVO eye exam clear,  OFA Patellas normal e


LEWIS- English cream   

OFA / ACVO eye exam clear,  OFA Patellas normal   




Lewis is a sweet,  mellow boy,  we love him so !    He just had his first litter and they have his wonderful temperament !   He also had a lovely assortment of colors,  and he did produce piebalds so we are really happy about that too !     

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